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Shabad Singh is a globally acclaimed product designer and artist known for working alongside world-renowned brands and artists. With a Bachelor's degree in Design from OCAD University in Toronto, Shabad brings a wealth of expertise in visualizing clients' ideas and strategic foresight.

Utilizing state-of-the-art digital tools, including AI, blockchain, VR and AR, 3D animation, UX/UI and 3D printing, Shabad creates innovative and cutting-edge designs that captivate audiences and push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Beyond technical excellence, Shabad's work has garnered recognition and collaborations with prominent brands and esteemed celebrities, elevating their creative visions to new heights. Moreover, Shabad's dedication to creating empowering and socially conscious designs resonates through projects that uplift communities and contribute to positive change.

With a global reputation for excellence and a passion for merging art, technology, and social impact, Shabad Singh continues to redefine the possibilities of design and inspire others with visionary creations that leave a lasting impression.

Harmony in Design: We strive to create harmonious designs that bring balance, beauty, and functionality to the world. Our work is guided by the principles of sustainability, inclusivity, and cultural sensitivity.


Empathy and Collaboration: We approach every project with empathy, understanding the needs and aspirations of our clients and their communities. We foster a collaborative environment that values diverse perspectives, encourages open dialogue, and promotes teamwork.


Ethical Responsibility: We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in our business practices. We prioritize transparency, integrity, and respect in all interactions with clients, partners, and stakeholders.


Social Consciousness: We embrace our role as agents of positive change. We actively seek opportunities to address social issues, champion sustainability, and promote equality. Our designs aim to make a meaningful impact on communities, enhancing their well-being and quality of life.


Community Engagement: We prioritize employing students and emerging designers who are passionate about making their mark in the creative industry. We prioritize local talent, valuing diversity and inclusion for all. Our commitment is to never profit from educational institutions, ensuring affordability by charging only cost. Our designs are socially conscious, seeking to foster meaningful relationships with non-profit organizations, making a positive impact on communities in need.

Cultural Appreciation: We celebrate and respect the richness of diverse cultures, recognizing their influence on design. We engage in deep research and collaborate with local communities to ensure our designs are culturally sensitive, inclusive, and representative.

Environmental Stewardship: We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint. We integrate sustainable practices throughout our design processes, promoting energy efficiency, responsible material sourcing, and the preservation of natural resources.

Lifelong Learning: We embrace a growth mindset and prioritize continuous learning. We stay abreast of emerging trends, technologies, and design methodologies to deliver innovative and forward-thinking solutions to our clients.

Excellence and Integrity: We pursue excellence in all aspects of our work, delivering high-quality designs that surpass expectations. We take pride in our craftsmanship and approach each project with professionalism, honesty, and a commitment to delivering on our promises.


Inspiring Change: We aspire to inspire others to embrace design as a force for positive change. Through thought leadership, mentorship, and educational initiatives, we empower future generations of designers, promoting creativity, social consciousness, and sustainable practices.


By adhering to this Code of Ethics, we are dedicated to creating a socially conscious business model that not only produces exceptional designs but also makes a meaningful impact on the world.

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